An early quarter life crisis?

I know many of you will read the title of this post, roll your eyes and think what has she got to have a crisis over at 24? Well, hear me out before you cast an opinion. At university I was a strong, confident and independent woman. I wanted an amazing career and I wanted […]

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A week in outfits

I love looking at people’s posts like this and find it gives me inspiration for outfits and so I thought I would share with you what I wore during the week. I started it on the Saturday as I was just too impatient to wait until Monday! Saturday 12th January Saturday night I slept terribly […]

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What’s in my bag

Normally my bag is a pit. A pit full of everything you could possibly wish for. However, I’ve recently switched over bags and so alongside that I had a clear out. Well, when I say I had a clear out what I mean is that I left all the rubbish in the old bag and […]

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